Pest Inspection

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (Pest Inspection)

Pest Inspections are only available as an add-on to a home inspection.

As long as homes are made of wood, certain insects will want to eat them. A pest inspection provides an additional measure of confidence regarding a homes condition.

A pest inspection goes beyond a standard home inspection in that the attic, foundation and grounds will be searched for minute damage that indicates the house has an issue. The wood destroying insect inspection identifies past or present insect infestation, along with associated wood damage, that can be identified with a visual inspection of readily accessible areas of the structure.


Termites eat wood and use the caverns they carve to create a nest. They can significantly weaken a home’s structural framing members, making the home more susceptible to bowing, vibration, and collapse.

Powder Post Beetles

Powder Post Beetles are helpful in decomposing dead wood on the forest floor, however they make no distinction between a fallen branch and your home’s framing. Given the opportunity, they will happily make a meal out of the wood inside your walls, floors, and ceilings. With enough time, they will reduce a solid piece of wood to a fine powder.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, they simply hollow out wood as a place to call home. Carpenter ants don’t typically make nests in wood unless the wood has been compromised by deterioration or rot. As such, window sills, wood siding, and areas covered by plants are all common places to find carpenter ants.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are more of a nuisance than a structural threat. Their nests can be identified by the presence of perfectly round ½” holes in soffits and fascia boards. People aren’t the only ones looking for carpenter bees – woodpeckers are pretty good at finding them too, and often cause more visible damage to your home than the carpenter bees themselves.

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