Pre-Offer Consultation

Intense competition is leading many homebuyers to waive their home inspection contingency even when they don’t want to.

To help homebuyers we are now offering a Pre-Offer Consultation service during showings. This consultation takes place during a regularly scheduled buyer showing where a home inspector also attends as an advisor. This is a service to use before you make an offer on a house if you plan to waive your home inspection contingency to make your offer more competitive.

This consultation allows buyers to have a trained home inspector -look at as much as time will allow- to try and uncover major red flags.

This service is a 30 minute verbal consultation only, and is not to be confused with a home inspection. The verbal consultation does not include a written report or documentation of any kind, the consultation will be 30 minutes in length, and utilizes no tools. For comparison, a typical home inspection by Brightside takes 3 hours, includes a comprehensive report with photos, and utilizes a half dozen tools.

To be clear, we do not advocate waiving a home inspection. 

We are offering this service because we understand that current market conditions don’t always allow for a home inspection and we believe that something is better than nothing. 

Pre-Offer Consultations are $200, have limited availability, and can not be booked online. Please call or text.